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DDSPB 2019

Precio: D€SCARGA

As Close As You’ll Ever Get To Being A GM
DDS: Pro Basketball 2019 puts you in the front office like no other game. Draft, trade, sign free agents and make the strategic decisions to become the next great basketball dynasty!
Career Based Simulation
Take your favorite team through decades of basketball as you strive to build a hoops dynasty.
Customize teams, players, logos, courts, photos – even import rookies from DDS: College Basketball
Players Come Alive
Each player has their own personality and playing style. Mesh them to build a winning team.
Robust History
Enjoy looking back through time – records, transactions, awards and every stat ever are stored.
All The Stats You Need
Individual shot charts, advanced stats, lineup tracking and more to help you make decisions.
Additional Modes
Turn on European leagues, replay and rewrite history, setup a custom historical tournament and more!

Idioma Textos: Inglés
Windows: Windows 10 32 / 64 bits.
Memoria: RAM 128MB
Tarjeta gráfica: 1280 x 768 mínimo
Espacio en disco: 250MB de espacio libre en disco duro

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